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The latest (01.03.00) release of the Fishing UK iPhone app is out!

This release has the following updates:

  • ENH - Fishery details website link now opens in Safari
  • ENH - Added 5 star rating system
  • ENH - Added iOS 4.0 compatability
  • ENH - Added multi-tasking support

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The iPhone MKMapView doesn’t include driving directions as far as I’m aware, but the default map app does. So what do you do when you want driving directions in your own app? The answer is pretty simple and works on v3 and v4. All you need to do is construct a Url for google maps and pass it to the map app:

UIButton btnDirections = UIButton.FromType(UIButtonType.RoundedRect); btnDirections.Frame = new System.Drawing.RectangleF(160, 320, 150, 40); btnDirections.SetTitle("Directions...", UIControlState.Normal); btnDirections.TitleLabel.TextAlignment = UITextAlignment.Center; double slat = (double)appDelegate.myLocation.Coordinate.Latitude; double slng = (double)appDelegate.myLocation.Coordinate.Longitude; string saddr = slat.ToString() + "," + slng.ToString(); string daddr = _fishery.FisheryLat.ToString() + "," + _fishery.FisheryLng.ToString(); btnDirections.TouchDown...

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I recently secured one of my web services with HTTPS and when I tried to add the service to a MonoTouch project nothing happened. The screen looked like it was adding it but it didn’t finish I just had to cancel it.

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It’s recommended that web service calls are made asynchronously to make the app more responsive. However, the user needs to know that something is happening during the call. The NetworkIndicator can be used for this but I wanted something more obvious.


latest1 latest2...

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Very simple way of creating rounded borders on a UITextView in MonoTouch.

Before the rounded corners are applied the UITextView looks out of place on the UI:


After rounded corners are applied it makes all the difference:


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